Amazing Testimony!!! - My Name is Danette Bridges and I am 51 years old . I have sufferd from Fibromialgia and Vertigo caused from Migraine

Headaches for years that they have not been able to control even from medications . I have been in direct sales for

over 25 years . I have never been so excited about anything before in my life . I started Plexus Slim with the 7 day

Challenge as was very skeptical as have tried so many things for weight loss before and never gotten the results I

have wanted or needed . I have to say after day 1 of drinking my first pink drink I felt more clarity then I had felt

in years . After day 2 I had lost 5lbs and my migraines were lessoned considerably . I signed up that was it . I was

a believer . After day 4 my Migraines were all but gone and was feeling wonderful for the most part . 2 1/2 -3 weeks

after I had seen the doctor and he told me that my bad cholesterol was off the roof It went down 100 pts and blew him

away . He said what was the name of that ? He couldnt even believe it . I am down 25 lbs . All my blood levels are

down to where they need to be . My sugar levels that were on the high side are no normal . My pain level from the

fibromialgia has gone from a 15 down to a 7 . I went from taking 3 pain pills a day to taking maybe 1 every two or

three days if I over do . I have learned to tolerate alot . Im not saying this will work the same way for everyone

and weight loss is different for everyone. Most are losing on a level of about a lb a day in the begginning with the

accelerator added . With out it goes a bit slower but it is still noticable . And it is so much more then for just

weight loss alone . Check it out for yourself . There are more testimonies on site . If you

like to feel good and make money at the same time then this is for you . Or even just to save money while losing and

then have the option to sell and pay for your own then the ambassador is the best choice you can make . Any questions contact me at and let me help you!


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