So I should have written this post on Thursday but I have been playing around with it for the last two days lol. I haven't been able to get the words to come out the way I wanted them to - to show how I really feel and why I am so thankful right now.

See the last 5 years has been nothing but a struggle for me and my family. Most of my readers know the story, but for those that don't here is a quick recap, 5 years ago I lost my good paying job, and of course couldn't find anything else. My husband had applied for disability about 4 months before I lost my job. I started networking heavily ( had been in it off and on 11 years before then) and met some really great people. Yes I have tried my hand a  few home based business and made a little money with them, but nothing that would help us get out of this rut. Finally after 6 months of unemployment I was able to find a part time job - with the company that I am still with now. But as we all know all to well, a part time income doesn't support a family of 5.

So about a month ago we got the final denial letter from SSD about my husbands disability. 5 long years of fighting, going to court and all that good stuff, and of course their reasoning for turning him down is just crazy - they say he can find a job where he can work with the restriction of being able to lay down for 30 minutes every hour - really? Come on now!

Anyway - Over the past few years I have met some pretty amazing people and made some true and lasting friendships. One of them being with a woman named Gina who back in April had me do a product review for her. Little did I know at that time that, that one product review would start me on a journey through an amazing life changing experience. You can read more about this review that started my journey by checking out this post.

So anyway - I not only had been struggling with finances - but also with my weight. I had tried other products and things that helped it come off, but I guess with all the stress at home it just kept coming back.  But now here I am 7 months later and 70 pounds lighter and I am just beside myself with this opportunity that I have been given.
Before I go on I want you to take a look at my most recent before and after picture below.

This is truly a blessing to me to be able to get this weight off. The more I gained - the unhappier I was becoming. I had no energy, was very moody and just plain out pretty much was beginning to hate myself. Between the weight gain and the financial issues - I just couldn't get myself out of the rut I was in.

Well after I did the product review and lost the first 6 pounds I knew I was going to stay on the product to help get the weight off - but me being a networker and marketer and having been involved in Direct Sales - I had to look at the business side of this as well. And once I did the research on that I knew I had to give it a shot. I mean it was really a no brainer , the product works ( I am living, breathing, walking proof of that), the compensation plan is like no other that I have ever seen before, and when I found out that the company was open world wide and hadn't been introduced in all 50 states yet - It was a must that I get in. See anyone that is familiar with marketing of any sort knows that the closer you get in to the ground floor the better chance you have of building a good solid and strong business

So I worked hard for two days and came up with the money to start my business with Plexus. I started by business at the end of April and I am baffled at how quickly my life has started changing since then. I went from making about $100 a month with my other company ( Scentsy of course I will never give that up lol) to now I am making about $400 a month with Plexus. I know this doesn't seem like a lot to most people, but when you go from having to borrow money every single month to pay your bills - to being able to pay yourself this makes a big difference. It is a huge weight lifted off my shoulders just to know my bills are paid every month. Sure there still isn't very much money left for other things but we are making now and not having to worry about things getting shut off lol.

So that is what I am thankful for. I am thankful for this one little product that has done so many wonderful things for me in the past 7 months. This one little product has helped change my life both physically and financially and I tell you the true reward is when I hear testimonies from other customers and my team members about how well they are doing and how it is changing their lives as well!

What If

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What If..............

Day 1

Day 2

What If - Day 2 from Plexus Worldwide on Vimeo.

Plexus Slim - Milton Smith Testimonial from Plexus Worldwide on Vimeo.

Amazing Testimony!!! - My Name is Danette Bridges and I am 51 years old . I have sufferd from Fibromialgia and Vertigo caused from Migraine

Headaches for years that they have not been able to control even from medications . I have been in direct sales for

over 25 years . I have never been so excited about anything before in my life . I started Plexus Slim with the 7 day

Challenge as was very skeptical as have tried so many things for weight loss before and never gotten the results I

have wanted or needed . I have to say after day 1 of drinking my first pink drink I felt more clarity then I had felt

in years . After day 2 I had lost 5lbs and my migraines were lessoned considerably . I signed up that was it . I was

a believer . After day 4 my Migraines were all but gone and was feeling wonderful for the most part . 2 1/2 -3 weeks

after I had seen the doctor and he told me that my bad cholesterol was off the roof It went down 100 pts and blew him

away . He said what was the name of that ? He couldnt even believe it . I am down 25 lbs . All my blood levels are

down to where they need to be . My sugar levels that were on the high side are no normal . My pain level from the

fibromialgia has gone from a 15 down to a 7 . I went from taking 3 pain pills a day to taking maybe 1 every two or

three days if I over do . I have learned to tolerate alot . Im not saying this will work the same way for everyone

and weight loss is different for everyone. Most are losing on a level of about a lb a day in the begginning with the

accelerator added . With out it goes a bit slower but it is still noticable . And it is so much more then for just

weight loss alone . Check it out for yourself . There are more testimonies on site . If you

like to feel good and make money at the same time then this is for you . Or even just to save money while losing and

then have the option to sell and pay for your own then the ambassador is the best choice you can make . Any questions contact me at and let me help you!

By 2020, it is believed that 70% of breast cancer cases will be in developing countries. That is of serious concern because women in developing countries have less access to education, medical resources or community support in a culture that often stigmatizes a woman with a breast disease.

Despite the billions of pounds which have been spent on research, breast cancer rates are increasing every year.
In the UK 1 in 8 women develop breast cancer during their lifetime. Every six minutes a woman dies from breast cancer in the EU. 35% of women living with breast cancer in the EU are under 55.

Early Detection Saves Lives
As with all cancers, early detection does save lives.
In breast cancer there are four stages governed by the size of lump, whether the cancer has spread to the lymph nodes or any other part of the body. It is also worth noting that not all breast cancers involve a lump such as Inflammatory Breast Cancer and Paget’s Disease.
At Stage One, the lump will be less than two centimetres and will not have spread to any other part of the body.  If a woman is unlucky enough to get breast cancer, this is the stage she wants to be at.  The average size of lump found by a woman who does not check her breasts regularly every month would not be in Stage One.
The average size of lump discovered by a woman who does not check herself regularly is 3.6 cm.
For all the reasons already discussed, all women should be checking their breasts every month and yet most women don’t.  This can be for a number of reasons:
  • she doesn’t realise that every woman is at risk
  • she is afraid
  • she doesn’t think she has time
  • she is afraid she might find something wrong

The Breast Chek Kit product is designed to make breast self-exams easier and more convenient for women (and men!) because early breast cancer detection has the potential to save lives!

Plexus Pink on the Doctors TV from Plexus Worldwide on Vimeo.

As first reported in the Wall Street Journal, Forbes Magazine, and Good Housekeeping, the Breast Chek Kit product is fairly new to the market, and can be obtained without a prescription!

Over 98% of the physicians surveyed recommended the Breast Chek Kit because it’s easy to use, inexpensive, and easy to explain, thus increasing the chance that people will follow a regular routine of self-exams.

The Breast Chek Kit is a patented medical device that makes breast self-exams easier, more efficient, and more effective.
Only about 14% of all women do their breast self-exam and more than half of these women perform it incorrectly or on the incorrect day.
The Breast Chek Kit encourages women to get into the routine of actually doing their breast self-exams, as well as teaches women how to do the most effective and thorough exam.
Being personally involved with their health gives women the power to take charge and be more proactive with the threat of breast cancer.

Through early detection, you are able to save a life!

The Breast Chek Aid consists of a lubricant sealed between two layers of polyurethane. The bottom layer remains stable while the top layer of the aid moves freely over the breast tissue.
The encased lubricant allows a woman’s fingertips to glide smoothly over the entire chest wall.
Customers say their ability to find an irregularity in their breast tissue is improved dramatically!

A breast self exam is a powerful tool for early detection of breast cancer and should be performed monthly, say American Cancer Society experts.

"Women should be taught how to perform monthly self exams and should discuss it with their doctors," says Larissa Nekhlyudov, MD, of Harvard Medical School’s Department of Ambulatory Care and Prevention.

"The bottom line is that in breast cancer, early detection is better than later detection, and self examination helps early detection," notes Robert Smith, PhD, Director of Cancer Screening, American Cancer Society.

“Breast awareness is about encouraging women to become more aware of their bodies generally and to get to know their own breasts. This is an important issue for all women in their mid-twenties and onwards, as learning how their breasts look and feel at different times will help women know what is normal for them and to recognise any irregular changes.” Breast Awareness, U.K. N.H.S.

Get your Breast Check Kit Today by visiting this link
From now until November 1st I am donating $5 from every Breast Chek Kit Purchase or Breast Cream Purchase from Plexus Pink. Or $10 from every combo purchase. To the Susan G Koman foundation. This is something I am doing myself as an ambassador.
Breast Chek Kit - Retail Price is $34.95
Breast Cream - Retail Price is $49.95 - Preferred Customer Price is $39.95
Combo Pack (Breast Chek Kit & Breast Cream) - Retail Price is $69.96 Or you can get this as a preferred customer for just $39.95

Business Opportunity Video

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The Plexus Opportunity from Plexus Worldwide on Vimeo.

I am all about helping my team grow with this company. Our company is truly amazing and is helping so many people in so many different ways. We are really and truly changing lives! We are helping people lose weight and get healthy and we are also helping people gain financial security.

We are a team of Independent Ambassadors who represent Plexus World Wide. Our mission is to educate both men and women about the importance of Breast Cancer & Healthy Weight Loss. We are here to empower others to get healthy and to change their financial futures.
Take a look at what we are all about in this video below:
The Giveaway:
Recently one of my team members started a new fan page so in efforts to help her grow I am offering $25 cash to one lucky reader. This giveaway will end at midnight on 11/01. Open World Wide, winner will be announced here and notified via paypal. Winner will have 48 hours to claim their prize or another winner will be chosen. Please leave one comment per task you complete and leave your email address so you can be notified if you win.

Mandatory Entry:
Watch the video above and tell me something you learned.

Bonus Entries:
Visit Say Yes To Drinking Pink and tell me a product you would like to try.
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